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They don't appear heterosexual to me.


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I'm of age and this is my fannish journal. I'm quite multi-fannish (all over the fucking place tbh) and really love slash (not exclusively though by any means).

Contains the occasional pornish talkings, just so you know.

Also, this journal is kind of on hiatus for the next bit. Do feel free to have a poke around though, of course.

I make stuff sometimes, my latest love is vidding. I'm slow though, a new vid will take me several months to complete. I completely love the process though (when I'm not pulling my hair out), so it's all good. As to the icons that I post in this journal from time to time, they're all up for grabs and any kind of alteration.

Here are my iconing resources - thank you bunches, everyone!

Every day is 'friending' and 'defriending' amnesty day at this here journal, you just do whatever floats your boat *nodnod*. And if I ninja-friended you out of nowhere, it's to keep up with your writings and/or other shenanigans as it were, though I'm usually quite shy about this sort of thing.

The wonderful *perfect* mash-up layout (a little bit of classic, a little bit of boxer, oh, and could you also hard-code this and that and this?) is made by debris_k who rocks my fucking socks. I've just added a teensy bit of css to the mix. Moodtheme credit goes to goth_clark.
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